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I don't think I'm a very good writer (specifically for dialogue) but I wanted to share the prologue scene from the titan's fanfic I'm writing.if you have the time to read, I hope you enjoy it
(the prologue begins with the events of episode 14 in the animated series of Teen Titans, Starfire is being taken back to the warp portal, to return to her time period)
Revival Prologue:

Nightwing rushes Starfire to the portal.


Your Running Out of time, YOU HAVE TO LEAVE!(drags Star by hand to closing portal)


WAIT! (jerks hand away and stand to gaze down) is there any way I can prevent this...future. is there any way I can save the there any way I can save us?


It's too late for this Star, if you go back everything will have changed regardless, the rest is up to you.

Nightwing approaches star and holds her hands in his, they share a gaze


you have to....leave.....

star nods and runs to the portal stops briefly turns.


thank you all for helping me....I swear to not allow this to happen.....I'll change the future...for all of us..(enters portal)


Portal Closes and combusts

(under breath) don't..go......

the world begins to collapse and fade


she did it...




the timeline is changing, we no longer exist the way we are in the present. everything is being made anew.

Beast Boy

what do we do now bro!


All we can do.....We Hope......we hope for better....


no Matter what happens, we'll get through this........TITANS......Titans...titans (voices fade as floors crack open exposing white light)

fade to white, then black

what was once destined by now reborn anew. the princess of Tamaran from that moment forever changed the future as it might've been. the waters of time will flow onto a new path. a new hope was given into their future. once in the fruitless outcries of separation(Raven), despair(Beast Boy), dust(Cyborg), and vengeance(Nightwing). these fates that were once sealed have been reborn, through the passion of the girl. She is the beginning....................(screen fades to black as images close)..........but yet also the end.....

End Prologue

Reminder: over the summer I plan to put this in comic form. if you are a titans fan I'm sure you'll love what I've got in store for this. this story is being adapted from the original cartoon series of teen titans. I'm not gonna go too wild on this cause in my mind it's like a continuation. what I would've wanted from the show if they had given us a true ending.

The Main story takes place five years after episode 64. the villains were removed from the hideout but kept in cryostorage. jump city has been near peaceful since then, and the titans have had time to grow. and are now young adults. as they enjoy their peace, however, an old enemy thought to be gone forever has returned (obvious who it is), with a vengeance. jump city's peace is coming to an end (now two more things. in the story, since the characters are adults, I'm not gonna hold back. what I mean is blood is a yes, gore is a maybe, sex is sure to be at the least implied, and cursing might happen.on another note there will be a lot of non-titan characters that will appear as a guest in some issues or just as members of another organization such as JL.) if you have any recommendations, or critiques on the sample feel free to comment lol.

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Mistralka Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice idea, I'd gladly read it. Although #grammar_police, lol. Is this a preview of the comic you plan to do or a chapter story (and then the comic)?
Also, why is Slade the narrator? XD Doesn't make much sense, since the narrator is obviously all-knowing and Slade is presumably just a part of the story, so he should be aware of just his own plans, not of how Star changed everything. Especially that he wasn't even aware of the time-traveling-adventure in the first place ^^; Narrator can be just a narrator and it doesn't hurt anything :) But this is minor actually.
DillonHill Featured By Owner Edited Mar 12, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yeah, i made him the narrator solely because I like his voice. lol. this is like a prologue to everything. the story isn't necessarily about time, but I kinda focus on this scene in the beginning because it establishes star fires importance, and shows that the story will end differently.
also grammar, lol I might have to use an online checker or something cause I'm honestly not the best with that.(now the final planned product is supposed to be a comic series. right now I'm just scripting everything, but once I have all my tools and such. I'm gonna start posting this as a series. so it's a fan comic. so far I have 68 issues (technically only the description for some) written, with 3 specials (the specials consist of guest characters, and future titan stories))
Mistralka Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol, he's a little creepy tho xD
Ah, okay, then. I can help you some with the grammar if you want :) Like proof reading, checking stuff like "your" and "you're" (awfully common mistake, lol). First of all, start your sentences with capital letters, the text will be clearer ^^
Anyways, since it's just script thingy for a comic, then I really have nothing to complain about. Another case if it would be a story :D
DillonHill Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Still thank you for making me aware of that lol. I wish I had microsoft word at home (seems like school gets it for free) but since I don't I just use celtx, which for some reason does not have a spellcheck or a grammar checker.
Mistralka Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem ^^
I'm pretty sure your school has a subscription in MS, nothing's for free, lol.
I found the info on the celtx support website that you can use your browser's spellchecker on it.… But I'm not sure how that works either ^^;
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